Silk painting shares much of his technique with watercolor.

Its similarities are the use of pigments dissolved in water and their differences are basically the support and fixation. The fixation of the colors in the silk is by means of the system of sublimation that respects the characteristics of the silk and in the watercolor it is the air. As for the support instead of 100% natural silk, in watercolor the support is paper with different percentages of cotton. I usually use two brands for my watercolors, such as:

  • ARCHES rough, 100% cotton and
  • FABRIANO rough, 50% cotton,

Otherwise the brushes use them indistinctly and are usually gray or kolinsky squirrel hair. The brands? Over the years I have done with a small collection that includes brands from all places.

and something of what I paint, as you see themes of the most varied, Jazz

Or  moms:

And everything that catches my attention