Summer again

Summer is here and with the heat. And as it is not otherwise returns the collection of hand painted silk fans with unique and exclusives designs. In some cases they can be purchased individually or coordinated with a silk scarf handpainted.

The quality of the silk allows the moving air to be like having a portable air conditioner but of the most efficient energy category.

All the fans are made individually in silk hand painted on a Chinese crêpe. For free they are all wrapped for a gift and accompanied by a dictionary of the “language of the fans” and a gift card with a phrase from the client.

For a 12€ you can complete your gift with a protective case for the genuine leather bag made in Ubrique by expert craftsmen.

In addition all shipments are made by certified postal mail by sending the tracking code so that at all times you know where your item is located.

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Visit the on line store in amazon to see more photos and know the price and options.
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Visit the  online store in amazon to see more photos and know the price and options.

silk kimonos

These three, two for woman, another one of man are something special. Not only for the silk and the chosen subjects, but for the love and care I have put in painting and sewing.

In his designs and elaboration I have put everything I like, are

  1. Silk Kimono, The three Geishas. Based on the e-ukiyo (Japanese xilografias)  the Japanese recorders of the eighteenth century.  I have painted three geisha, as did the great Kitawaga Utamaru.
  2. Silk Kimono, Africa. The colors and geometric patterns of the African tribes in the silk kimono made with traditional long sleeves for a man.
  3. Silk Hipari (short kimono) where I painted my vision of the “Tree of Wisdom” Gustav KLIMT

All three are available in my shop. Visit it and surprise yourself with the prices.

San Valentine’s Day

After the winter sleep not only affects bears gradually change the paper silk to whet the new collection.

And taking advantage of the Valentine’s Day is near, I present the first. It is a square scarf 110×110 cm (43×43 inch) in crêpe de chine. Its size allows it to be used as a normal scarf or perhaps as a elegant summer blouse