Summer and Fans

The summer is back, something scrambled with ups and downs of temperatures. But already Virgin of July is already here (15 July, Virgen del Carmen -The Virgin of the sailors-) that marks the beginning of the comeback of the thermometer that will follow until the next Virgin, that of August (15 August, Virgin of the Ascension) date in which it will begin to lower again the temperatures. It is curious how the ancient tradition and based on the observation of our ancestors is still maintained.

That same tradition that I create our best ally for these heats, the fan or as I say of joke, the portable air conditioning more ecological and economic of the world, since these exclusive start in €45.00 (shipping included). They are also beautiful as these photos show:

 1454-abanico-Islamic(Coral)-2  1401_Abanico_LOTOS-arteYseda  1497_arteyseda.Abanico.foronda(4)
name:  Islamic – coral
Rfa. 1453
price:  40,00€
name:  Lotus
Rfa. 1401
price:  45,00€
 1499_lirios.morados_arteyseda  1498_passiflora.arteyseda(5).jpg  protector-bolso.Abanico
name:  purple lilies
Rfa. 1499
price:  45,00€
name:  Passiflora
Rfa. 1498
price:  45,00€
Each fan is wrapped for gift and accompanied by a protector for the bag.
and a dictionary “fan language




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