The spring is coming

Yes, on the title you must discovered, I like “Game of Thrones“. I must admit that I discovered the book wiht the first season of the series, but when they finished I could not wait. Look for volumes and plunged into its pages. I must admit that I found a hypnotic story that was unable to let go. And now I look forward to see what happens to those characters that do not appear or disappear definitively in the series but not in the book . Porras.

I happened to other sagas , two are of Ken Follet with The Pillars of the Earth and World Without End and the trilogy Fall of Giants , Winter of the World and Edge of Eternity .
And other two of a Spanish writer that I highly recommend, Santiago de Postegillo . He has written two sagas where I discovers the Roman world in Hispania.
In a first trilogy he describes the struggles between Carthaginians and Romans through the eyes and life of Scipio Africanus (Africanus , the son of the Consul ; Damn legions; Betrayal of Rome) and the second trilogy, dedicated to the two Roman emperors born in Hispania, Trajan and Hadrian of his nephew just published the last volume and am eager to begin (the murderers of the Emperor , Circus Maximus and lost Legions) . (NOTE: If you like historical books, not doubt , read ‘m sure you will not regret)
I’m thinking of doing a series of books dedicated to my favorite scarves , April is just around the corner and 23 fourth centenary of the death of Shakespeare and Cervantes is commemorated

Portadas de los libros de Santiago Posteguillo

The problem will be to choose the topic, because only with the house banners, the characters from one of the sagas or the characters created by Shakespeare or Cervantes (covering more than those of the famous Don Quixote) , I will have problems. It takes more than a lifetime to develop



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