No, I am not lost

Admit it, it costs me to write in English. It is easy to understand if I tell you that the language I learned in school were French and German. The English have learned it alone on the internet and sometimes I have the feeling that it is a little “weird”. If we add you that I am somewhat hyperactive and I paint silk, I love to learn new things, that mean I have little free time. Today I will tell something of what I have done (in addition to what a mother does) from my last entry: Go to the field i think you call it “trekking”, outputs to paint watercolor with acuamalaga Associatio, paperwork, and networks of the Association “Pincel y Barro 04”, cleaning of headquarters of the Association, painted scarves and fans and try to shell it, and classes of lacer bobbin my latest discovery. And there are pictures.:





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