News about “From Lausanne to Beijing 8th”

Finally published something in the West of the Fiber Art, is thanks to the artist Monique Lehman who attended the inauguration and posted this video.

I admit, long ago that don’t update my blog. Perhaps the main cause is the effort that involves for me the English, language I learnt self-taught. At the school I learned was French and German in Goethe Inst. In the three I can be undertanding well and where there is no evidence of the mistakes that I make. So to add each post I dress up my cheeky side and pasotismo. But in my defence Have to say I must say that I have been doing a lot of things, since I wrote.

  • I have participated in the interesting project of Karen Sisteck “White Dahlia”,

  • I have exhibited with my fellows of “Pincel y Barro” up on three occasions – from Alhaurin with colorPainters of Alhaurin and V Salon of autumn,

  • I created my online shop on Dawanda…

Well already this good excuses and to what would, have been already published lists of the fiberArt The analysis of the list has brought me another new joy and pride. In the competition were presented a total of 665 artists from around the world, which were only selected 186 for the exhibition finally.  And although I have what looks like a discreet since 41 I must say that I am the first Spanish, the second with the 45 was María Muñoz and with 47 María Ortiz, both typical of this type of competitions.
In short, I can say that I belong to that 28% which is the “creme of the crop” of contemporary textile art and over at the top of the list.
As I said when I was selected “The joys are usually more intense when you don’t expect it. And that’s what happened to me



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