7Th, World Textile Art Biennial

The year will close with an annulment. The WTA ( World Textile Art) has decided to cancel the Seventh International Biennial of contemporary textile art.

This year must be made in Colombia but a few days before open, repeated breaches of the agreements signed by the room, have forced the organizer to make such a drastic decision.

For me it is a great pity , I have been involved with small pieces in at least two previous editions. And just this year I felt secure enough in my proposal I chose a large format piece . A THREE  METRES PIECE .

The genesis of the piece, as almost all , is a result of personal experiences . His inspiration is a relatively common and nearly everyone who lives near the sea. Everyone at one time have been the “invasion of our shores ” of jellyfish ( as if we could be their owners , our anthropocentrism is second to none ) . These periodic invasions led me to get interested in them . So I discovered that her biological family , the cniderias is formed by hundreds of thousands of forms , ranging from a humble coral polyps , to the majestic giant jellyfish.

As a textile artist I could not help translate your vision into wefts and warps , to textures , to cotton, to rustic , to lace, to rolls, to Guippur strips or Flanders lace of Caraminal , to waves, ruffles and ringlets. ……, are almost a compendium of textile Universe.

So when I saw the theme of the Seventh Biennial , “diversity” , do not hesitate and this was my proposal:

Cnideria, softly moved by the wind
Cnideria, softly moved by the wind
Cniderias detail.
Cniderias detail.




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