“You’re right and it is beautiful, but ……

you must understand it …. for this crisis times are very expensive. ”

I think that is the phrase that I have most heard lately. I do not think that is the only craftman that has been heard THIS in recent years.

After lower and lower and lower prices until sometimes sell below cost, I decided to change tactics. I leave for a while as luxurious silks Crepe, of which I painted to width 40 and the slippery satin with its characteristic luster. These most densely silk floss, are much more expensive and require most time and dedication to be painted.

To lower prices and try to sell me silks I moved to something lighter and not so expansive, (I d’not mean cheap, silk-never it is) and more schematic desings and a drawing without details. After several failed attempts, I’ve finally got a result that satisfies me.

I think I got the balance between what I love to paint and priced according to the current economic situation.

I hope it pleases you ..    at the end I hope to sing that of supertramp  “crisis, what crises”



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