CREATEXTIL 2013 (Madrid Costume Museum)

When I started on the train back this post about the four days of Creatextil thought it would be easier, but I been face to face with reality. How to sum up four days of intense emotions, stimuli, reunions, new friends, different attitudes, new visions, suggestions, other ways of seeing and observing?
So once more or less ordered ideas in my brain I decided to split this post into several successive deliveries as the serials of yesteryear:

  • Visits to museums
  • Days
  • Workshops

Hope I can be able to convey some of what I experienced there.  As a summary and introductory pellet mode, I can only say it was a life-giving experience that filled me with new ideas and new ways to expand my focus on the silk and communications.
I recorded several things,

  • we need and have the intention of repeating.
  • The look of surprise of the less young (I’m in that group) when younger are really masters in communication and to convey their projects. I have to learn and catch up in quickly.
  • The request for help from the younger to acquire and improve their skills.
  • The cooperative attitudes recovery and recovery of our largest public space representing movements and tejelaaraña Lana Connection.
  • The crafts are recovering skills and techniques that in the past were reserved for women and they lost to compete with men in YOUR area. We have to do that modern thing which is the transversal and all, we must make all fields.

Only one little disappoinment, not about the organization, but as family photo shows, is all the way forward so that our women skills are recognized and accepted by the world of men.
If I’m not mistaken, there were only four men (Carlos Fontales rapporteur, Museum informatic that helped the organization, Enrique who was taking pictures for the ACTM and Joaquim Pinheiro from Contextile).
And a little video with photos i taked that serve as we sat for the family photo.


One response to “CREATEXTIL 2013 (Madrid Costume Museum)

  1. Dear Blogger,
    I would like to make some amendments in your notes about the work of artist Marina Mamyan.
    1. Marina at the conference was presented as a contemporary textile artist and designer, not a craftsman.
    2. The works, which she represented in the slide show were made in the style of Op Art, but do not pop art. These are two different things.
    Please, make this corrections in your blog. Thank you

    Me gusta


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